Milverton, Somerset

A day in the life of a PCSO

Louise Fyne, Police Community Support Officer

As always Wellington Rural policing team have been hard at work engaging with the community in various ways.
Challenging times for all of us with the ever changing situation in relation to the Corona virus.The whole month as always has been filled with a variety of incidents, tasks and appointments.

Such is the nature of our jobs when a serious or major incident takes place we have to literally drop all our commitments and go and we have had several of these types of incident this month.

Myself and PC Joanne Jeffery attended Wiveliscombe on Remembrance Day in November to help pay our respects-with a life of living in the forces it was a poignant day.

As a Rural Crime Champion I attend the fortnightly visits and had a Rural Affairs day at Sedgemoor Auction Centre with many guest speakers from inside and outside of our organisation. A victim of Rural Crime spoke after having a break in on my Beat Area and it was very clear that continued contact, crime prevention advice, reassurance and support from the police, particularly the neighbourhood teams is extremely important.

Any crimes that are filed are looked at by the local PCSO and this valuable contact made. Participation in the Mini Police Unit and the Project will encourage a sense of personal responsibility and leadership amongst the children, as well as encouraging an appreciation of their community and the positive role that they can play in it, whilst gaining an understanding from different people’s perspectives and learning about the role of the police and the law.

Community speed watch and road safety

Milverton – ongoing support at sessions when available and roadside training of new volunteers.

Preston Bowyer-Support of sessions when available and will often park police car at location to act as a deterrent and slow vehicles down.

I have continued to visit visited repeat speeders highlighted by the data inputted by the CSW groups and issued words of advice and warnings of the consequences of speeding.

Vehicle seized for no tax in Milverton whilst parked on the highway. Tax ran out 2019.

Check ‘Report an untaxed vehicle’ to see if a vehicle is taxed or not. You can let me know if you know of any vehicles as I can organise recovery of these vehicles straight away if available, if 2 months out of date, instead of waiting for DVLA. 5221260487. Please remove GPS systems from your agriculture plant when not in use and consider marking your systems.

Take care and stay safe
Louise Fyne
PCSO 6945
Neighbourhood Policing Team
Avon and Somerset Police