Milverton, Somerset

WI January update

The meeting held on the 2 December was treated to an eye opening talk on ‘Christmas in the Workhouse.’  The                                               speaker,  Ken Atherton, covered all aspects of life in the workhouse, not only at Christmas. Rules were tough;                                                   men, women and children were segregated and food was very basic. There were large numbers of workhouses in the                                                               United Kingdom, including one in Milverton. After the talk we all enjoyed delicious cakes made by one of our members – this underlined how fortunate we are to live in this century.
Our next meeting will be held in the Victoria Rooms on 5 January at 2.30pm when the subject will be ‘Mission Penguin’. Following bereavement our speaker, Ursula Franklin, decided to visit every known species of penguin in its natural habitat. Have you any idea how many there are? Her illustrated talk will take you all over the world!  All visitors will be very welcome.
With all best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022.