Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplin February update

As we enter into our last winter month, we start to see the real and exciting world of God’s great creation and the next round of seasonal changes.
To start with, we now move into the time of light. The earth is reawakening, there could be snowdrops and crocuses starting to appear to herald the beginning of spring and new life all around. A truly exciting and ‘light’ time after the ‘dark’ of the full winter. It will be very gradual through the month, but at least that awakening is happening!
The first of the month, through to the second is the Celtic time of Imbolc, marking the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It is the time for the Celtic Festival of Fire and Light, involving burning lamps and lighting bonfires. It is Natures call to the farmers of the land, heralding the start of the agricultural year, when the earth warms up and everything begins to grow.
These celebrations are also in honour of St Brigid. The Celtic word ‘Brig’ means Exalted One. She was a triple Goddess with Fire of Inspiration…patroness of poetry. Fire of the Forge…patroness of smith-craft and Fire of the Hearth…patroness of healing and fertility. She is linked to prophecy, divination, agriculture, dairy and livestock, as well as links to Holy Wells which were ‘dressed’ to honour her or to ask for help and assistance. She is known for her ‘St Brigid Cross’ and corn and grain dollies.
Candlemas or Festival day of the Candles on the 2 February, is more a Christian celebration, but with aspects of Imbolc, and is associated with the return of light and where candles were blessed ready for the coming year. The main point of Candlemas is that of Jesus presentation at the temple and also the purification of Mary.
Look skywards within many churches and chapels in the land and you no doubt will see at least one Green Man! He is a symbol of growth after winter, new life after old, renewal and rebirth, with the vines, leaves and flowers springing from his lips. Why they are there is uncertain, no mention in Bibles but probably retained from the earlier Pagan periods?
The Full Moon this month falls on the 16 February at 1656 and is called the Snow, Ice or Storm moon. Names which need no explanation, which also means, it won’t be warm all month!
The New Moon on the 1 February is interesting, as it is in Aquarius. This is a really positive moment making it a good time to focus, make plans, work on those hopes and dreams as the world and season wakes up and with new life.
And finally…….Don’t forget the 14 February, St Valentines Day. Have a lovely day!  xxx
The Pilgrimage Walk for February will be on Tuesday 15 February. We will meet at Fitzhead Church at 10.30am for a walk of around 3 miles.
Please do contact me for any questions or to let me know you are coming.
Steven Wort

History Group February update

Progress continues with necessary arrangements for the formation of the Heritage Centre in Milverton.

In January the Milverton Village and District Archive will have been presented with a very important document previously held by the Wellington Museum. This will be on display at the Heritage Day planned for the Street Fair day in May.

The 1897 Valuation Ledger document is a wonderful record of those living in the area at the turn of the 19th Century, full of details of the names of those owning property and land, and those living at them.

Black Venn, now just ruins in the Point-to-Point field on the Road to Wellington, was the home of John Taylor, farm worker, and his family of 20 children. They had a well for water, but nothing else!

The gas works was operating, there were four public houses and there was a smithy and a railway and lots of shops catering for all the needs of the villagers.

Maggie Dinning

WI February update

It was agreed to cancel the January WI meeting due to the prevalence of Covid. Our speaker, Ursula Franklin, kindly agreed to give her talk on ‘Mission Penguin’ at the February meeting.

Christmas has come and gone with speed this year; we are now looking forward to celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, along with the Milverton community, when we will be able to plant two Hawthorn Trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project. Do join us for our meetings; we have some interesting speakers and topics in the calendar – notices are posted on this website, by Milverton Stores and on the board by the Victoria Rooms – and you will be very welcome.

3 February in the Victoria Rooms for a journey round the world to see every species of Penguin in its natural habitat.


Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

An exceedingly well attended first meeting was held at the Recreation ground, Milverton on 13 January, with representatives of many of the village bodies/groups

The meeting, chaired by Phil Young from the Parish Council was held to establish a main Committee, and to generate ideas of what might be possible to achieve within the community. It was thought that the main Committee would need to call on other sub groups of people, to help implement some of the initiatives.

You will, from now on, increasingly see the emblem which has been chosen for the Jubilee on the village website, on posters, flyers and other pieces of publicity around the village.

Meanwhile, the Committee consists of the following residents, and all further information will be channelled through them and through the publicity which they generate:

  • Gary Whittaker
  • Julian Dakowski (The Milverton Trust)
  • Sue Knowles (The Victoria Rooms)
  • Chris Saunders (Recreation Ground Committee)
  • Bev Blackmore (The Music Club)
  • Nick Argles
  • Karen Baker (Milverton website)

A representative from the Milverton School Association will be confirmed in due course.

If you have any ideas you wish to put forward please contact any member of the Jubilee Committee.

Get ready to get involved in some exciting days ahead and put the Jubilee weekend in your diary!

Parish Council elections

Due to the impending Unitary Authority having elections this year, elections for Parish Councils have been brought forward by twelve months to May 2022. Details on timing etc will be published when known, but if this is something you may be considering, please contact one of the Councillors or the Clerk to find out what it involves.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email

Parish Council January meeting

A summary of the meeting held on 10 January 2022 is as follows:

  • Planning Applications re works at The Old Police House and Jasmine Cottage, which fell under the Council’s delegated powers were approved
  • The Council agreed to make grants to The Samaritans (Taunton), Wiveliscombe Food Project and the Wiveliscombe Area Project. It was also resolved that the Council make a grant towards the proposed works that are necessary around the entrance to the allotments
  • The fact that scaffolding that had just gone up around the toilets was warmly welcomed. The works to replace the roof should take about two weeks, with plans now under way to revamp the internal layout
  • The Parish Precept for 2022/23 was discussed and it was agreed that the level should remain the same as for the current financial year, £28,000. This sum includes a provision were there to be an election for Parish Council places in May, as well as maintaining all of the Council’s existing commitments
  • The spring that was evident last year at the top end of Jubilee Gardens has reappeared, currently at a trickle, but significant enough to warrant investigation with SWT to hopefully minimise any potential flooding
  • It was reported that one of the village’s many grit bins was damaged and this is to be replaced

Full minutes will be posted on the Parish Council website.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 7 February at the Victoria Rooms.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let me know.

Tim Payne
Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email

Tabletop War Games February update

News from the battle front lines!

The start of the New Year at the Club has seen no let-up in skirmishes. The first week presented us with a tactical defence of a space port circa 3025, employing a force of two Battlemechs.

These are enormous mechanical machines with tremendous firepower at their disposal. Unfortunately, two attacking Mechs proved too much for the defenders and the base was eventually overrun.

Meanwhile, the second meeting revisited a real scenario from WW2 and the Operation Market Garden. The Son Bridge, East of Eindhoven, previously destroyed by the retreating axis forces had been replaced by a Bailey Bridge and became a main crossing point for the allied advance. The 1/327 US glider Infantry regiment reinforced by 2 Cromwell tanks of the 11/15 Dragoons and 2 Sexton self-propelled guns of the 153rd (SP) regiment were in defence when attacked by elements of the German 107th tank brigade.

Despite the real events being a success for the allies, this re-enactment saw the capture of the bridge by the Germans. It was a good job the allies didn’t have the added difficulty of six-sided dice throws to contend with. One good team player commented on a previous club name “anything but a one”

Remember we are a tabletop gaming club and as such welcome all, regardless of the games, periods, or styles played.

We meet on a Thursday evening from 6pm in the Cricket club on Butts Way Milverton. Please come and join us and enjoy pitting your tactics against others in a friendly, jovial club.

For more details contact Alan Davidson 01823 400095 or 07552 218250

Friday Club February update

We have now returned to our usual Friday meeting following an extended Christmas break another year of friendship, entertainment and good food is planned. We do have some members and volunteers who are sadly unable to join us at this time, we send them our best wishes and a speedy recovery, we do miss you and look forward to your return.

As we had to cancel our thank you event for volunteers, we are hoping that when the weather gets warmer, we will be able hold an outside event and have a lovely cream tea. So, volunteers please don’t think we have forgotten you.

Now looking forward and joining the Country in celebrating the Queen’s jubilee. We have given much thought to how our small but significant group can be part of these celebrations.

Our contribution will a journal of our memories from 1952 when the Queen arrived back from aboard following her father’s death through to the Coronation and on to wedding of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip. Each member will (if they wish) record their memories of this time, where they lived, family, jobs, experiences.

Once we have completed this exciting piece of work, we will join them together to create our little piece of history.

If anyone else has memories to share and would like to contrite to the journal please call me.
Just a reminder we are always looking for new volunteers to join our group, helping to serve coffee, lunch, times and dates to fit in with your busy lives.

Hope to see you soon at the Cricket Club, Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm

Carol Davidson
Group Leader 01823 400095 or 07795 264478
Supported by Wivey Link 01984 624666