Milverton, Somerset

History Group February update

Progress continues with necessary arrangements for the formation of the Heritage Centre in Milverton.

In January the Milverton Village and District Archive will have been presented with a very important document previously held by the Wellington Museum. This will be on display at the Heritage Day planned for the Street Fair day in May.

The 1897 Valuation Ledger document is a wonderful record of those living in the area at the turn of the 19th Century, full of details of the names of those owning property and land, and those living at them.

Black Venn, now just ruins in the Point-to-Point field on the Road to Wellington, was the home of John Taylor, farm worker, and his family of 20 children. They had a well for water, but nothing else!

The gas works was operating, there were four public houses and there was a smithy and a railway and lots of shops catering for all the needs of the villagers.

Maggie Dinning