Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

An exceedingly well attended first meeting was held at the Recreation ground, Milverton on 13 January, with representatives of many of the village bodies/groups

The meeting, chaired by Phil Young from the Parish Council was held to establish a main Committee, and to generate ideas of what might be possible to achieve within the community. It was thought that the main Committee would need to call on other sub groups of people, to help implement some of the initiatives.

You will, from now on, increasingly see the emblem which has been chosen for the Jubilee on the village website, on posters, flyers and other pieces of publicity around the village.

Meanwhile, the Committee consists of the following residents, and all further information will be channelled through them and through the publicity which they generate:

  • Gary Whittaker
  • Julian Dakowski (The Milverton Trust)
  • Sue Knowles (The Victoria Rooms)
  • Chris Saunders (Recreation Ground Committee)
  • Bev Blackmore (The Music Club)
  • Nick Argles
  • Karen Baker (Milverton website)

A representative from the Milverton School Association will be confirmed in due course.

If you have any ideas you wish to put forward please contact any member of the Jubilee Committee.

Get ready to get involved in some exciting days ahead and put the Jubilee weekend in your diary!