Milverton, Somerset

Tabletop War Games February update

News from the battle front lines!

The start of the New Year at the Club has seen no let-up in skirmishes. The first week presented us with a tactical defence of a space port circa 3025, employing a force of two Battlemechs.

These are enormous mechanical machines with tremendous firepower at their disposal. Unfortunately, two attacking Mechs proved too much for the defenders and the base was eventually overrun.

Meanwhile, the second meeting revisited a real scenario from WW2 and the Operation Market Garden. The Son Bridge, East of Eindhoven, previously destroyed by the retreating axis forces had been replaced by a Bailey Bridge and became a main crossing point for the allied advance. The 1/327 US glider Infantry regiment reinforced by 2 Cromwell tanks of the 11/15 Dragoons and 2 Sexton self-propelled guns of the 153rd (SP) regiment were in defence when attacked by elements of the German 107th tank brigade.

Despite the real events being a success for the allies, this re-enactment saw the capture of the bridge by the Germans. It was a good job the allies didn’t have the added difficulty of six-sided dice throws to contend with. One good team player commented on a previous club name “anything but a one”

Remember we are a tabletop gaming club and as such welcome all, regardless of the games, periods, or styles played.

We meet on a Thursday evening from 6pm in the Cricket club on Butts Way Milverton. Please come and join us and enjoy pitting your tactics against others in a friendly, jovial club.

For more details contact Alan Davidson 01823 400095 or 07552 218250