Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Primary School history lesson

Class 1 have fully immersed themselves in our new local history topic where we are looking at the Duke of Wellington and why, on the Blackdown hills (which we observed from our school field) we can see the Wellington Monument.

The topic started by watching a drone video of Wellington Monument in which we could see Wellington in the distance from the air. We learnt lots of facts about the Monument including that it’s the largest 3 sided obelisk in the world.

We couldn’t really picture how tall the Monument was so we went onto the field and measured out the full 53 meters and ran between the distance! I set Class 1 a challenge to build a model Wellington Monument out of a resource of their choice. It was tricky to construct a three sided shape, but after some perseverance we had some great structures out of paper, Mobilo and Lego. We also created an observational painting of the Monument – the children worked really hard on this and their work was excellent!

We are now learning about the Duke of Wellington himself and the Battle of Waterloo. Class 1 have composed a list of questions which they would like to answer by the end of the topic, which include: How many days was the battle? What did you wear during the battle? And how old is the Wellington Monument?

We have also been talking about the Primary and Secondary research types, and why it’s important to think about our reading, and consider whether it is true or not.

Mrs MacCormack

Class 1 create Wellington Monument pictures

Phones and cameras needed!

Reception Class are looking for old phones (mobiles or landline) and any old cameras for their play area. If you have one to donate, please send it in! Thank you.