Milverton History Group March update

Following on from last month’s mention of the Point to Point field, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it would have been a beautiful site in the spring with pear blossom .

Showerings who produced Babycham, used that area to grow the pear trees which provided their perry juice. Travelling past the field towards Chipley, you will see a large area of tall trees on the right hand side. These were probably planted by the Sandfords. It was known in the 1840’s as ‘New Oaks Plantation’. As oak trees have to be over 150 years before they are used, the trees if still standing, would be useable now !

There is a wonderful free website called ‘Know Your Place‘. It starts with today’s map of the area you want (use the search) then you can search the older maps dating back to the 1840 tithe map and in some areas, even earlier maps .

Give it a try …..

Beware, you will soon become hooked!

We hope to have our next meeting on 31 March in the Victoria Rooms.

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