Milverton, Somerset

Auction of Promises to support Ukraine refugees

We’ve all seen the heartbreaking images in the papers and on the TV. We shouldn’t need reminding of how horrendous this situation is for so many. Children without parents; Grandmothers being carried in blankets or pushed in shopping trolleys, too ill to walk; the vacant stares of those utterly destitute.

We can’t stop that happening, but we can try to help by supporting those who are caring for them. The Auction of Promises on the 29 March at 7pm at the New Inn is our way of doing what we can toward financially supporting the Red Cross.

People have been amazingly generous with their promises. We have fantastic array of Promises that is going provide some very keen competition. Now all we need is a greater array of bidders to buy these Promises. John Wrelton is going to be our auctioneer and, although the cause we are supporting is serious, we hope to have some enjoyment on the night while we do our best to help.

We are hoping to have a card machine for use on the night but just so we don’t tempt fate please bring cheques or cash or be prepared to pay by BACS on the night from your phone or tablet.

What we need you to do next:

  • Register to bid Email your details including name, email and telephone number. It’s best to do this via email to Stephen, Kathryn or Emma Stephen Hoole –, Kathryn R-B –, Emma Kendall –
  • We will also be registering people on the night between 6pm and 6.45pm to start the auction sharp at 7pm
  • You will be allocated a bidding number. You will HAVE to use that number to bid. If you give your number to someone else bear in mind you will be paying for any bids they win

If you’re not able to make the auction. Register as above and then let us know what lot you wish to bid for and what your MAXIMUM bid is for that lot. If you win, you will be notified the next day and payment will be expected within 24 hours please. Your bid is binding but will be entered as part of the process.

Donate: If you do not wish to bid but still wish to help you can make a donation in many ways: Give any person on the Village Hall Committee cash or cheques made out to ‘Halse Village Hall’ with reference UKR on the reverse please. Pay by BACS into the Halse Village Hall bank Account using the reference UKR and your surname. Bank details below.

Bank details for BACS payments: Halse Village Hall:

  • Sort code 60-80-06
  • Acc. No. 29764130
  • Please add reference: UKR and your surname and Lot Number if for a winning bid

Please do all you can to join us or enter a bid. Without generous people buying the Promises we cannot support those people who are going through atrocities not seen in Europe since WWll.

Deadline for proxy bids

The deadline for proxy bids is Sunday 27 March at 5pm.

Contact for proxy bids:
Stephen Hoole –
Kathryn R-B –
Emma Kendall –

Please ensure you get your bid in before that. We cannot accept any proxy bids beyond that time.