Milverton, Somerset
Music note

Milverton Music April update

This is an amazing booking for the club since you rarely get to experience the magic of this outstanding group of musicians unless you are in a large concert hall or at a music festival main stage.

With the flutes and whistles of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly, this iconic band weaves and spins traditionally rooted tunes into an enthralling sound with agile but tight rhythms and virtuoso improvisation. Flook possesses a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination. Tickets £20 and nearly sold out.

In March we enjoyed an excellent evening of music and song with a traditional folk style theme. Thanks to all who played and sang, also special thanks to Martin and Celia from Foxwillow for the lovely guest spot.

In April we are looking forward to some great music from:

  • Bob Antell
  • The Silver Street Band
  • John Middleton
  • Paul Hampson
  • Peter Krijgsman
  • Nick Girone Maddocks
  • Jules Bushell and others

Phone 01823 400416, email or for more information visit Milverton Music.