Milverton, Somerset

Village Agent April update

It has somewhat damp in Somerset, but good news is spring is on its way! Bringing longer, lighter days, milder weather and hopefully… a much-needed dose of vitamin D. Get ready for spring adventures and outdoor fun with Get Outside in Somerset. From activities to events and challenges, you can find a roundup of the latest stories and all the great stuff happening near you.

Do you want to find things to do in Somerset this Spring? Find activities for all abilities? Need some help setting a goal? There are lots of interesting blogs, along with opportunities to volunteer and ways to be active. All information can be found on the website or social media channels. 

Many Talking Cafes have returned, and you can just drop in. Find Talking Café on our Facebook page or  or find weekly Talking Cafes LIVE on Facebook where we have guests talking and answering questions.

Could you REHOME your old phone? By donating an unused phone to us, YOU can help reduce loneliness and isolation, as well as helping in everyday lives with things like shopping online and staying connected to friends and family.

We will: refurbish the phone remove any personal data provide the new owner with a SIM card support them to use the phone with video tutorials and install apps that will help them to keep in touch with their loved ones.

Check your ‘bits and bobs’ drawer where old devices lurk waiting to be loved again!
To donate, please contact your local Village Agent.