Milverton, Somerset

Busy Bees April update

The Busy Bees met twice in March. The first time was as guests of Dan and Sally at the Old House where, along with Henry VIII, they watched the film Encanto. For those of you who have not seen this new Disney film the theme is that everyone is special in their own way, you do not have to have a remarkable gift to be valued. It was a chance for the children to consume popcorn and rocky roads and for the adults to get to know each other better.

The topic for our main session was chosen with Mothering Sunday in mind, but rather than look at human mothers we went to Houndsmoor Farm where Arthur and Christine Whittle showed the Busy Bees their cows and some very young calves. We all learnt a great deal about rearing and caring for cows and calves, and the children did a great job at sweeping the barn!