Milverton, Somerset

Friday Club April update

As I am sat here typing the Friday Club’s monthly update the sun is shining through the window with just a gentle breeze moving through the daffodils and a mass of bees busy collecting pollen from the heathers.

So, what has happened at Friday Club over the past few weeks apart from celebrating several birthdays, more delicious lunches and lot of chatter and laughter.

Our latest sing a-long session, which is very popular with members, became very creative with an impromptu dance session. A circle of members who had not danced for decades graced the floor. Our dances may not have been ones you would have recognised but new creations of the Friday Club, which gave so much fun (as well as a bit of exercise).

Birds: Bird facts and their songs was also a topic covered in a very interesting interactive presentation. We also were able to handle some beautiful fine ceramic model birds, sadly some of which are becoming very rare in the wild.

In our regular table top games week as well as the usual selection of games, we were introduced to a game called triominoes. A game similar to dominoes but pieces are triangular rather than oblong. The game is more challenging than dominoes but I am told much more enjoyable and interesting.

Once again, our team quiz generated lots of discussion, five teams all trying to keep voices low so as not to share the answers, which may have been right or wrong (or maybe throwing other teams of the scent). The winning team being awarded a very healthy fruity prize although I am sure chocolate may have been preferred.

Finally on behalf of all at Friday Club may we wish you all a very Happy Easter and remind members there will be no Friday Club on 15 April.

Just a reminder we are always looking for new volunteers to join our group, helping to set up, serve coffee and lunch. Times and dates can be arranged to fit in with your busy lives.

Hope to see you soon at the Cricket Club, Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm.

Carol Davidson
Group Leader 01823 400095 or 07795264478
Supported by Wivey Link 01984 624666