Milverton History Group April update

What a treat to have Bob Croft in the village giving a talk at the Milverton and Fitzhead Society! His knowledge and presentation is unbeatable. Following on one item he mentioned the track ways now used today as public footpaths can be traced back using old maps to show their original purpose.

When everyone travelled on foot or horseback or carriage these now footpaths lead to old farms and dwellings now long gone. In particular using the Day and Masters maps from 1782, it is possible to see the alternative route to Wellington from the Globe Inn.

Starting at the Globe down Burgage Lane into the field along the footpath and through into the next field and into Huntash Lane. [ WG7/17]

Cross the lane and in the 18th Century, there used to be a track (no longer in use), alongside Leys bungalow and down across the fields behind Smallbrooke to the Point to Point field and joining the Wellington Road through the second gate opposite the start of the Young Oak wood on the right of the road and then on to Chipley.

The footpaths at Weekmoor had the same function. The Footpath No WG7/4 which went from Weekmoor Farm to Bickley and then to Nynehead and was called Bickley Turner Lane as can be seen from the 1832 enclosure maps.
So when you walk these public footpaths, remember those folk who did it every day not for enjoyment, but with a purpos !

See you on 31 March in the Victoria Rooms.

Maggie Dinning