Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage in July

Magazine editors are telling me that they have lots of material about our Jubilee celebrations so I should keep this brief. So I just want to say, “amazing, wonderful, superb”. Was it not great to meet each other, celebrate together, avoid the rain together, sing and dance together, eat together, drink together, set up together, take down together, plan together and just be together. The model of church, faith and even in Jesus’ ministry almost everything was shared in small groups, great crowds, conversations and being together. After 2 years of can we/can’t we, should we/could we, we did it, we celebrated the amazing platinum Jubilee of our Queen, and we did it together.

Thank you to all involved, all who came and all who shared.

Foodbank collections continue in all our churches, please continue to give generously!!!!

Please note that during July the first contact will be Rev Emma Kendall on 01823 433034 for administrative enquiries please leave a message for Lynn on 01823 400305.

Thank you,