Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplain in July and August

Milverton, Halse, Fitzhead and Ash Priors

Welcome to the double issue giving us all time to take a breather after the busy and wonderful month of June and the Queen’s totally amazing Platinum Celebrations.

Throughout both July and August, celebrations of a more general but traditional nature continue with Fairs, Fete’s, Flower Shows, Funfairs, Circuses, Bristol’s Balloon Fiesta just to name a few!

We still have the glories of the flowers in our gardens as well as being prime time for the veg and fruit patch.

15 July brings us St Swithun’s day and with it the possibility of 40 days of rain if it rains on the fifteenth!

The moons for the next two months are on 13 July at 7.37pm for the Grain moon and 12 August at 2.35am for the Wyrt or Wort Moon. This is an old English name for a herbalist, herbs or healing plants and is intended to celebrate plant life and our relationship with herbs.

August is also the meteor month with the Perseids giving us their display over the 12 August from 10pm until around 4am on the 13 August. About 40 degrees North East at 11.59pm is the best time to see them aplenty.

Holidays abound through these next two months, and I also am going to take a break through July from my leading Pilgrimage Walks. The idea is to do some contemplation walks of our own, with Teresa, here, there and wherever we feel called to go!

I will keep you notified through the normal email channels along with notices in churches and on village notice boards about your next led Pilgrimage Walk.

I also have my facebook page, Hedgerow Chaplain which I will keep updated.

I wish you all a very happy high summer and look forward to seeing you on the next walk in August.

Steven Wort
Hedgerow Chaplain
Call on 01823 400232 and mobile 07557 958013