Milverton, Somerset

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee four day celebration

May I extend heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors and all those who gave their voluntary time and effort, over the celebrations of the Bank Holidays and also over the months of tireless preparation prior to the event.

Thanks goes first to Somerset Community Foundation and Arts Council England for their bounteous grant and to all the Councillors of Milverton Parish Council for their generous donation too. We have Lee Wadham of the Milverton Sawmill to thank as the events’ main sponsor. We thank Eric Chant and Jackie Cooke of Mounts Vets for their sponsorship, support and judging of the Milverton Dog Show. HRG Services Ltd kindly sponsored our Windows Competition.There was further sponsorship from Bradley Clapham of BWC Traffic Management and advertising from Exmoor Ales, Webbers, RGB, Pets at Home and White Post Café.

In particular though we have all the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration Committee to thank, for indeed much work was proposed and certainly achieved. In particular we thank: Jilly Rumble for her amazing, fundraising; gaining certainly the single most substantial contribution of funding from Somerset Community Foundation and Arts Council England. Karen Baker for her persistent and consistent input: collating, designing and producing two promotional brochures together with posters for a number of the events. Garry Baker too for IT and support. Torquil Buist and Jenni Orme for organising and running the Milverton Dog Show. Chris Saunders and the Trustees of the Recreation Ground for their kind permission to be on their land. Katherine Botes for drumming up not just sponsorship and advertising but donations for the Auction of Promises too. Phil Chambers for the Family Disco and all the Sound and PA systems. Nick Argles for handling and delivering the Auction of Promises. Mark and Adele of The Globe for that great reunion of a Street Party. Sue Knowles for the Victoria Rooms, the Market and Café, for the Made in Milverton exhibition and her extraordinary Village Treasure Hunt. Bev Blackmore for his historical photographic legacy. Ginney May and Bek Beard of AmDram for delivering their warming 50s’ nostalgia radio sketch. Jo McMahon for the Gazebo and Tent Picnic Competition. Kirsty Harris for Social Media feeds. Chris Mann for services beyond duty in the rain at the Dog Show. Arthur Whittle for straw bales, arena posts and haulage. Tom Brazier for saving us the day the rain came in. Broken arm Jack Clements we thank for all the many chairs; and Tangareen and Jacob Hi-Ho for standing in for Jack. Thank you Skin Tight Samba for challenging the rain. Hilary Wickham for the very youthful High Park and the older Wind Section. Thank you the Barn Stormers for the bestest of ‘everyone was dancing!’ nights. The staging was on loan from Wellington Choral Society. And thank you Kwabana Lindsay for dancing and fiddling in the rain — on slack rope. Thank you Milverton Music Club for hosting such amazing talent. Thank you the Methodist Chapel and all who prepared the Big Breakfast and the very particular Ritz Tea. Thanks also to Becky Hards and Tamsen Mace up at the Pavilion.

Lost amidst all this is a white elephant in the room: the wonderful Grand Marquee. Jon Coward of The Bear — licensee of the Pavilion — bought it allowing The Milverton Trust to hold certain events in it free of charge. We owe Jon and Millie Coward a debt of enormous gratitude for having the marquee erected for this event. We all need to work hard to keep it.

Last and certainly by no means least, we extend the most heartfelt thanks to the man who, after only a few months in this village, foolhardily stuck his hand up at the JubCom’s first meeting offering to run all the Queen’s Jubilee events that we had proposed. What you see here above, is without question all down to the dogged persistence and personable skills of one person. He who encouraged and cajoled a disparate but willing group to come up with the goods and we did. That man is Gary Whittaker and on behalf of The Milverton Trust we extend

Julian Dakowski
On behalf of The Milverton Trust