Milverton, Somerset

EuCan September update

We were disappointed to have to cancel the grass cutting at Tolland Churchyard, but hopefully things will be cooler by the rescheduled date of 10 September. I went to Tolland at 7am to explain about the cancellation to anyone who turned up, but nobody did. Unfortunately, one person turned up at 10am because they had not seen the subsequent emails.

As willing volunteers are a precious commodity we felt a little uncomfortable that our message did not reach everyone and this one person was disappointed on the day. So we’ve upgraded the emails that we send out and the content.

Every email will now contain the following line: ALWAYS CHECK OUR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU SET OUT. This is to make sure that your journey is not wasted, as the main reason for a task being cancelled is the weather.

The word “website” in the line above is a link to our website calendar so if we cancel it that will be the first place we announce it.

Tip: In the bottom right hand side of our calendar there is a little log like this. If you click on it our calendar of events will appear in your electronic calendar if you use one.

We are now using MailMerge software so that we can not only personalise your email (notice how we called you ParishMag) but we can also offer an unsubscribe link if you want to be removed from our emailing list.