Milverton, Somerset

Upcoming services

Informal Communion with refreshments is offered in the Creedwell Rooms, Milverton on Thursday 6 October at 10am, all are welcome.

November is a season of remembrance. There will be an All Souls service on 2 November 6pm in Milverton Church. An opportunity to light a candle, be still and add your lost loved ones name to the prayer tree.

Wellington Choral Society November performance

Our next concert is on Saturday 26 November 2022 at 7.30pm at St John the Baptist Church, Wellington. The programme is as follows:

  • Mozart: Agnus Dei (from Coronation Mass) and Laudate Dominum (from Vespers)
  • Haydn: Nelson Mass
  • Schubert: Mass in G

Rehearsals will start on Wednesday 7 September 2022 at Wellington Methodist Church, Waterloo Road, Wellington, TA21 8JQ. Rehearsals are from 7.30 to 9.30pm.

We are friendly choir who welcome new singers and our musical director Laurence Blyth provides excellent guidance and help to learn the music.

For more information please visit Wellington Choral Society

Hedgerow Chaplin in October

We now look forward to the tenth month which really is a turning point in the seasons of the year. Since 21 September and the Autumnal Equinox we have gradually started to move into the beginnings of Winter. The light of day grows shorter and the nights longer. During the whole of the month the daylight will gradually shorten by around two hours.

Luckily, we also enter the season of hot puddings, warming stews, jacket potatoes and such wonderful warming meals. Apple day! This is on the 21 October, celebrating everything connected with Apples. Drink up thy zider!

It is also that time of year for us to celebrate and thank God for the many other rich fruits, berries, nuts and cereal crops that we have been able to harvest to see us through the cold dark winter.

Huge thanks go to the ever hard-working farmers for their seemingly never ending labour in the fields!

It is a season for us to remember those that have gone before us, and to be aware of death, as with many plants, trees and flowers that also die down for the winter in the circle of life.

It is a good time for our own inner reflection, to look back and use the Wisdom we have gained over the Spring, Summer and Autumn to prepare us for the Winter and the new following year.

Let us learn from that experience and pray that we may be strengthened to not forget our neighbours, but help them, support them with God’s guidance. We are one human, on one planet. Let us live together as one in peace and harmony.

We have at this particular time in our lives, a very special reason to be thoughtful of the departed.

Many of us will be praying and contemplating the recent parting of our glorious Queen Elizabeth II. The wondrous way she led us for so many years, a major part of all our lives, an amazing Monarch. You Will Forever Remain Alive In Our Hearts.

God Bless the Queen.

This month the Full moon is on 9 October at 21.54 hours and is called the Hunters Moon. So called because of the bright light it gives at this time of the year, which works as an aid for the poachers and night time hunters.

Clocks change from BST to GMT on the 30 October and go back 1 hour at 02.00 hours, giving us that extra hour in bed!

The October Pilgrimage walks will be on Saturday 15 October and Tuesday 18 October.  It is the same walk for both days and will start at Heathfield Church 10am. The distance is around 3 miles and will take about 2 to 2.5 hours.

Do please let me know if you are coming or have any questions about the walk.

Steven Wort
Email or call on 07557 958013 or 01823 400232

Wivey Grows

Wivey Grows is a community project based at Langley House in Wiveliscombe which provides a natural and peaceful environment for all to enjoy. With the aim of improving mental and physical health in the local community, Wivey Grows holds regular events to attract new members and to continue to provide natural enjoyment for people of all ages and abilities.

As a new project, it’s important that we publicise effectively, so we established the monthly blog which can be accessed via the website and through links posted on social media. This being said, many prefer paper copies and find it challenging to access updates about the project online, contradicting one of our primary aims of inclusivity.

Whilst Wivey Grows is based in Wiveliscombe, it welcomes with open arms, those from surrounding local communities including Milverton and Fitzhead, to make the most of our facilities and to join our great team of volunteers!

Thanks very much for taking the time to read about Wivey Grows, for more information go to Wivey Grows.

Will Varney
Editor Wivey Grows

Milverton Parish Council September meeting

A summary of the meeting held in September 2022 is as follows:

  • A Planning Application re works at Cleeve Barn, Preston Bowyer, which fell under the Council’s delegated powers was approved. Tree works at Fort Cottage were supported
  • A working group has been set up to liaise with all parties associated with the proposed housing development at Creedwell Orchard
  • A preferred bidder has been agreed, who will undertake the refurbishment work of the toilets. A start date for the work has been pencilled in for October 2022
  • The existing Emergency Plan for the parish is having a thorough review, which will lead to an updated version being produced as soon as possible. It is intended that this will be distributed to all households in due course
  • Footpath 07/10, which runs broadly between the B3227 and Weekmoor Farm has long been shown incorrectly on the official maps, by having a gap in it, for reasons unknown. The lodging of a request for a review to amend the position is to be investigated
  • Contact is to be made with the bus company as a result of buses not turning up after relevant road closures are no longer effective

Full minutes will be posted on the Parish Council website.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 10 October (note change from usual date) at the Victoria Rooms.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let me know.

Tim Payne Clerk to the Council
Phone on 01823 432959 or email

Speak to your Parish Councillor

Opportunity to speak to your Parish Councillor or the PCSO on 7 October in the Creedwell Community Room, between 4.30pm and 5.30pm.

Parish Council Vacancies

Vacancies still exist on the Parish Council. If you are interested in finding out more about what the role entails with a view to putting your name forward, please contact any Councillor or the Clerk

Friday Club October update

We are now well and truly into Autumn and feeling a nip in the air and those extra layers of clothing are starting to emerge, even more important with soaring fuel bills.

If you are worried about increasing costs and how it affects you, we may be able to direct you to people who may be able to help you. This is not a time to be proud; this is a time to seek help and assistance and stay SAFE.

The group has now been meeting for a month since our summer break and we are all pleased to be back together.
Over the past month we have enjoyed a newspaper debate, sponsored walk for Wivey link, a quiz, which is always a laugh, and to end the month we had a bingo game with prizes for all winners.

Continuing our activities into November and December we look forward to welcoming the Somerset Heritage Trust, Age Concern, giving instruction on chair exercises, an extremely interesting presentation on The Royal Marines and our annual Harvest festival auction. This is just some of the things ahead.

If you have an interesting hobby, interest or career and would like to share it with us in an informal presentation, we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call to discuss further.

We emphasise the Friday club is NOT just a lunch club; we are a social group for our more senior members of our village. Our aim is to try and reduce social isolation and loneliness to offer a safe environment for friendship, enjoyment and laughter. Then of course we tuck into the ever-important lunch.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team. They help set up from 9.30am, serve coffee and lunch, and interact with the group. Times and dates can be arranged to fit in with your busy lives and we hope you may be able to spare us a couple of hours.

Hope to see you soon at The Pavilion, Recreation Ground Butts Way, Milverton every Friday 10.30am to 2pm

Carol Davidson 
Group Leader on 01823 400095 or 07795 264478
Supported by Wivey Link on 01984 624666

Milverton Concert Society October update

Collard Jenkins, Dee Dee Redford and Arjun Ashok
Collard Jenkins, Dee Dee Redford and Arjun Ashok

Pianists, 8 year old Dee Dee Redford, 15 year old Henry Collard Jenkins and 18 year old Arjun Ashok, all Taunton Young Musician finalists, performed to a large and very appreciative audience in St Michael’s church, Milverton , on Friday 2 September.

These young musicians all showed such skill, maturity and professionalism in their playing, their choice of programme and their approach, so much so that the response from the audience via e mails and letters since the concert has been incredible!

Milverton Concert Society have been presenting top quality professional concerts for over 30 years and giving young musicians the opportunity to hone their performing skills has always been a very important part in the programming of concerts.

The Taunton Young Musician competitions are held in Taunton annually, giving young performers the opportunity to select a short programme of contrasting pieces to perform in front of an audience and an adjudicator who gives invaluable advice on performance techniques, stagecraft and general musicianship.

Next year’s competitions will be held at King’s College Chapel, Taunton on 12 March 2023.

Milverton WI in October

Milverton W.I. send their sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a long time member and supporter of Sandringham W.I.

We were very pleased to welcome members and non-members to our meeting in the Victoria Rooms on 1st September 2022. This meant there was a good audience for Sue Williams’ fascinating and interesting insight into teaching English abroad.

Sue involved some of the attendees in actually speaking and pronouncing words in the language of Laos. It underlined how careful you have to be in your choice of words in English to avoid confusing students. We hope very much that Sue will kindly give a further talk to us next year.

Our next meeting will be held in the Victoria Rooms at 2.30 pm on 6 October 2022 when Zoe Fox will give a talk on ‘School in a Bag’; a School Bag is a toolkit containing everything a young person needs to maximise learning. Their mantra is ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.

We hope to welcome visitors, some of whom may wish to join the WI in the future.

Christmas vouchers

There are charities in the village, some of which were set up hundreds of years ago to help needy parishioners, particularly in the winter months. There is an invoice in the records, dated Christmas 1920, for 3 fancy cloth overcoats supplied to the Rev Preb Maynard for the Milverton Charities by W. H Westlake & Son Ltd, of High Street, Taunton (Tailors, Clothiers, Hatters, Hosiers and Outfitters – Agents for Jaeger’s Underwear and Burberry’s Weatherproof Coats) for the sum of £7-10-0.

Since then the Welfare State has come into being and, although there is still need, it is mostly met from State Funds. The Trustees decided some years ago that vouchers, to be spent in the Milverton Stores, should be given at Christmas to parishioners of Milverton (and Preston Bowyer). The vouchers are available for anyone who is 65 and over who has lived in the parish for at least five years.

Anyone who is eligible should apply to Jean Ainsworth-Smith at Knutsford Cottage in North Street by Friday 25 November. There is no need for anyone already on the list to apply again, but please let us know if there has been a change (perhaps a partner has died or is now eligible).

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
(Clerk to the Trustees)
Milverton United Charities

Meet your Parish Councillor

You are invited to come along to discuss any issues you may have which involve the Parish Council and to meet your Parish Councillor, Anita Dakowski on 7 October at 4.30pm to 5.30pm at the Creedwell Community Room.

Parish Councillor, Maggie Dinning will be at the Recreation Ground, Butts Way to assist residents at the top end of the village. The date for this meeting will be confirmed and posted.