Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage in September

What can be said when writing this after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and before her state funeral. This is a time when everything seems to have slowed down or stopped, nothing is the same as it was, and many people have been surprised by their own reactions and responses.

Words we are hearing include, reliable, honorable, hard-working, committed, determined, personable, kind, humorous, smiley, diplomatic, encouraging, loving, generous, inclusive, brave, just, caring, gracious, dignified, etc. Her majesty was also a woman of great faith; she had a strong Christian faith which helped to inspire and guide her in her public life and in her family life.

Some who have come into the church during this period of mourning have a strong faith whilst others have felt uncertain, but all have come to express their sorrow and their gratitude for a monarch who has been part of their lives for many, many years. Just as her Majesty the Queen was welcoming to all those she met, so too is the God of the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, open to anyone who seeks to know more. We give thanks to God that our amazing Queen now rests in eternal peace.

Just to follow on from last months letter…you may be pleased to know that Sandra and I completed our walking challenge for The Alzheimer’s Society and we are pleased to have raised over £1,700 so far. It was a very tough day but it was for a worthy cause as it is not just ourselves who have had our lives changed by having loved ones with dementia, so many people have had sad experiences of these diseases. Thank you all so much.

We face so many changes, new directions, and unexpected challenges…let us remember that our new King, Charles III, has a hard act to follow, as well as grieving for his beloved mother.

God save the King.