Milverton, Somerset

Local History Group October update

Writing this in September in the same week we lost a Queen and gained a King, it reminds me that history is us and the events that happen during our lives.

The Milverton District Archive which has been granted Registered Charity status contains a wealth of local information. It holds the minute books of the Parish Council from its very beginning in 1894 to the 1990’s, a hundred years of its history!

It also holds the minute books of the Victoria Rooms from its creation in 1887, the minute books of the Women’s Institute, Milverton and Fitzhead Society, Milverton Amateur Dramatics Society and the Mayflower Club Diaries. These contain the wonderful details of how Milverton folk lived and made their own entertainment. Lots and lots of talented villagers creating the fantastic history of Milverton.

I hope very soon to share this in the proposed Heritage Centre which will be created with the permission of the Recreation Ground Trustees.

If anyone would like to join the team to create this new Milverton District Archive please get in touch.

Maggie Dinning
Email at or call on 01823 400142