Milverton, Somerset

Wivey Grows

Wivey Grows is a community project based at Langley House in Wiveliscombe which provides a natural and peaceful environment for all to enjoy. With the aim of improving mental and physical health in the local community, Wivey Grows holds regular events to attract new members and to continue to provide natural enjoyment for people of all ages and abilities.

As a new project, it’s important that we publicise effectively, so we established the monthly blog which can be accessed via the website and through links posted on social media. This being said, many prefer paper copies and find it challenging to access updates about the project online, contradicting one of our primary aims of inclusivity.

Whilst Wivey Grows is based in Wiveliscombe, it welcomes with open arms, those from surrounding local communities including Milverton and Fitzhead, to make the most of our facilities and to join our great team of volunteers!

Thanks very much for taking the time to read about Wivey Grows, for more information go to Wivey Grows.

Will Varney
Editor Wivey Grows