Milverton, Somerset

Milverton in 1950’s

Milverton Local History Group, village life in the 1950’s

The village changed its street gas lights to electricity in 1952, the same Year Queen Elizabeth II came to throne after the death of her father King George VI. 48 lights were supplied by South West Electricity Board.These were checked by the parish council as they paid for them.

Halt signs were requested for the Butts Way and Sand Street junction as cars were beginning to cause problems in Milverton. Parking outside the Victoria Rooms was also a problem.

Owners of the raised cobbled causeways in Fore Street were not happy to be asked to repair the cobbles, especially the owner of Devonia, who running a shop was told it was his responsibility!

Fish and chip papers would blow around the Silver Street corner as there was a fish and chip shop at the bottom of New Buildings.

A second council estate was planned for Creedwell Orchard on the old tanyard lands behind the Victoria Rooms which had stood empty for over 100 Years.

Olands House, which had been built around 1820 by the Broadmead family, had been sold to the Somerset County Council in 1948 who used the main house as a residential home for children who needed extra care.

A county library operated out of the Victoria Rooms and after the village demanded a resident policeman, a new house was built in Buttsway in 1957.

Doctors operated out of their own houses, but at St Mildreds North Street, Dr Watson had his own surgery with very steep stairs to climb up to it.

The road was still very busy through the village as the bi-pass road did not come until 1974 and all the Barnstaple traffic used it.

The railway was still operating to Barnstaple and Taunton.

The charity vouchers could be used in 3 of the many shops, Tuckers at Swan House, Storms on the corner of Silver Street, and the one shop which is still used today which was the County Stores then.

Those were the days as the saying goes!

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