Women's Institute

WI November update

The WI meeting held on 6 October was well attended, and we celebrated Bridget Anderson’s milestone birthday with a delicious birthday cake. 
Our speaker was Zoe Fox who works for the charity ‘School in a Bag’. Zoe explained how the charity evolved after a young man, Piers Simon, was killed in the tsunami in Thailand in 2004.   
Piers’ brother, Luke, and their parents set up the Piers Simon Appeal in memory of Piers; for four and a half years it provided funds to disaster victims in 13 countries. This appeal joined the charity ShelterBox and in 2019 School in a Bag became a stand alone charity. It’s aim is to offer the means of education to children in countries such as the Gambia, Swaziland, Ghana and many other countries.  
The red rucksacks are filled with stationery, water bottles, eating utensils, learning resources – colour, shape and a stencil to trace around. It now provides school bags to many under resourced countries in the world, and thus the means of education for children who would otherwise not have access to this vital resource.
Our next meeting will be held on 3 November 2022 at 2.30 pm in the Victoria Rooms when the speaker’s subject will be ‘History and Work of Commonwealth War Graves Commission’.  
We look forward to welcoming visitors and members.