Milverton, Somerset
Steven Wort Hedgerow Chaplain

Hedgerow Chaplain in November

Important matters first! Stir up Sunday 20 November! Time to get the Christmas pudding made up so that it can mature nicely and be ready for the Christmas celebrations next month.

We are also gratified to see God’s bounteous harvests that have been bought in over the past month and celebrated at the Church services.

A huge Thank You, from all of us, to the hard-working farmers, working with God and his amazing creation, with the lights blazing on their tractors until late at night and after many early morning starts.

As we now move into the Winter season, the plants and trees are starting to lose their leaves, and the animals are starting to think about hibernation.

The big change in temperature is noticeable as we also prepare for the darker afternoons and the later morning daylight. Totally different to the glorious Summer we have just had!

As we now move into another month, ever closer to the dark depths of Winter, we enter a time of remembrance of those that have gone before us.

This starts with All Saints on the 1 November when the departed may come from the spirit world to visit family in the world of matter. This being part of the Celtic Samhein celebration.

All Souls on the 2 November is when we visit our churches in the darkness of evening to remember our departed loved ones and for quiet thought and contemplation.

Remembrance Day is on the 11 November at 11am and commemorates the fallen of not only those brave souls from WW1, but sadly the many other conflicts that have, and are taking place.

Now is also a good time to look at our inner selves in preparation for the changes that are coming. We are preparing our minds for that time of darkness that can often bring some gloom and weariness, until Spring arrives with a flourish and splashes of colour everywhere.

The full moon for 8 November is at 1102 and is called the Mourning Moon.

With the darkness and cold, at least we know that Christmas is just around the corner!

The Pilgrimage walk for this month will be on Saturday 12 November and Tuesday 15 November. It is the same walk for both days and will start at Milverton Recreation Ground car park 10am. The distance is around 3.5 miles and will take 2.5 to 3 hours.

Do please let me know if you are coming or have any questions about the walk.

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