Milverton, Somerset

Milverton workhouse

Milverton workhouse
Outside Milverton workhouse

Built in 1735 the workhouse stood at the bottom of Rosebank Road on the land now occupied by Ashford flats in Ashford Close.The name Ashford refers to the Asheford Lake which was situated near the Colesmoor Estate .

The two cottages opposite the old gas works showrooms, once named Beverley, are all that remains of them now. The two cottages were for the master and matron of the workhouse and the workhouse continued across from them towards the now Colesmoor Estate.

The workhouse was closed after Milverton became part of the Wellington Union in 1836 and Wellington had a purpose-built large building for 24 parishes on the site of Wellington Police Station. In 1837 the Milverton building was sold for £300 and converted into seven cottages to be rented out. These were condemned in 1960 apart from the two remaining cottages, and were demolished and eight council flats built in what had been the gardens.

Some of the rubble from the cottages was used to fill the hole left by the old gas holder which had been opposite.

The Archive has the out-pay book which began in 1817. This was the money paid to the poor to allow them to live in their own homes.

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