Milverton, Somerset

Court Leet tree planting

To commemorate the 7 decades of the late Queen Elizabeth members of the Milverton Court Leet assisted by the past Chairman of the Jubilee Committee Garry Whittaker, planted 7 Oak trees (one for each decade of her reign) at the bottom of the Milverton Recreation Ground. The trees were grown from local acorns.

Her late majesty had instigated the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative to give people the opportunity to plant trees in memoriam to honour Her Majesty as part of the Platinum Jubilee.

The Court Leet consists of 24 men residents within the Milverton Hundred. Members are involved in activities which benefit the community.

The Court Leet stems from the late middle ages when justice within the Hundred was administered by the royally granted franchise. This power lasted until the introduction of magistrates.

Michael Sheppard
Port Reeve 2022