Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplain New Year walks

Maybe this will be the year to see what these walks are all about!

They are held monthly, usually on the second Saturday to enable those people that work through the week to enjoy a walk, and then the same walk is also on the third Tuesday.

Start time is 10am, and is normally around 3 to 4 miles lasting up to 3 hours maximum. It is an all-age group of between 10 and 12 people, with new people joining regularly.

These gentle walks, which I lead, often start from the four churches in the benefice. The idea of them is simply to offer a ‘natural service’ for those people that may not be sure of attending a ‘church service’ held in the church itself.

They may have a feeling of knowing God but would like to learn more. The joy of simply going for a walk in God’s amazing creation, while enjoying the flora, fauna, natural sounds and sights can help to understand and appreciate all that is around us and of which we are a part.

There are many people on the walks that do go to church regularly but also like to come out to sense and feel God in his natural surrounding as another way of celebrating. There are also several people that just enjoy coming out for a good walk and even without getting involved in some of the conversations.

No worries, as there are no rules, expectations or commitments!

We discuss both Christian and Celtic Christianity, which is an important part of how and why we have certain church services throughout the year, bringing the religious aspect to life in a natural way. We have bible readings, psalms, prayers both open and personal that we may say during our silent walk or meditations. We bring a seasonal poem or prose to read out to the group.

It is a relaxed walk in nature with a nice mixed group of happy, caring and sharing people! And don’t forget, A good mood is only a good walk away!

January pilgrimage walks

  • Saturday 14 January
  • Tuesday 17 January

Starting from Hillfarrance Church at 10am, 3.5 miles taking about 2.5to 3 hours to complete.

Please do contact me to let me know what days walk you are coming on or for any further information or questions you may have.

Steven Wort
Mobile 07557 958013 or phone 01823 400232
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Wishing you all a Very Happy Pilgrimage Walking New Year!