Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage in February

This time of year sees dark mornings, dark evenings, dark days.

Wherever we go we come across people who are feeling low or anxious. There seem to be more misunderstandings, arguments, worries. The kindness and awareness of others makes a huge Difference.

It has been good to see practical help offered for those who need it too. The Wivey Food Project freezer, inside the West door of St Michael’s Church, provides frozen, microwaveable meals for those in need and those who find they cannot face preparing a wholesome meal for themselves. There is a donations system for those that can afford it. There is also a selection of foodbank donations that are available to those in need, many people kindly donate food for the foodbank which is delivered regularly, but meanwhile is available to local people too.

Our churches are open everyday for anyone who needs some space, a little peace and quiet, and there are toys available for toddlers to enjoy.

The choir in St Michael’s Church has been concluding each service with a very beautiful song and I share the words with you here as a prayer as we wait for brighter warmer days to come and a more certain future……

“Go ye now in peace and know that the love of God will guide you.Feel his presence here beside you showing you the way. In your time of trouble, when hurt and despair are there to grieve you, know that the Lord will never leave you, He will bring you courage, know that the God who sent his Son to die that you might live will never leave you lost and alone in his beloved world. Go ye now in peace, go ye now in peace.”