Milverton, Somerset

Next steps for Ukrainian guests

Six months have passed since Ukrainian refugees started to arrive in our area; they have established themselves in this new and different society, and in many cases have found jobs and settled their children happily into schools. We are at a point where it is time for many of the hosts and guests to look ahead to the next phase, when the guest families are able to move into independent rented accommodation. The difficulty, of course, is to find affordable places to rent.

At a recent meeting, hosts wondered whether there were possibilities in the holiday rental market – and we are now asking if there are people in the community who have a holiday rental (or indeed any other property) standing empty and who might consider letting it out longer-term to a Ukrainian family? We believe that most of the hosts would be happy to vouch for their guest families.

If anyone is interested or has further ideas to offer, please contact Wivey Welcomes Refugees at or if you have questions please ring Lindsey Waddington on 01823 401143 or Julia Hatfield on 01823 401082