Milverton, Somerset

A brief history of Milverton allotments

Allotments have been in existence for hundreds of years. The system we recognise today has its roots in the Nineteenth Century, when land was given over to the labouring poor for the provision of growing food.

In 1947 Milverton Parish Council took out a loan to purchase the land behind the Courtfield Estate for the provision of allotments for the villagers. The cost of the land was £250 with a supplement for the boundary fencing.

The original allotments consisted of 34 plots laid out much as we see them today, with a few amalgamations and sub divisions which have happened over the years.

The Parish Council has the original rent book for the allotments which covers the period from 1947 to 2003 when 37 plots are shown on the map. Currently the Trickey family are the longest standing plot holders and have held allotments since 1953. Recently, more plots have been subdivided and they now total 55, with the majority of potholders belonging to the Allotment Association.

There had never been provision for water until 2022 when a working party of plot holders volunteered to design and build 3 water catchment sites each with 2 x 1000 litre tanks to store rainwater.

Originally, rents were 10/- (50p) in 1947 for a full 10 yard plot increasing to a massive £3.50 in 2003. Currently, the charge is 12p per square metre, making a 250 square metres £30 per year.

Maggie Dinning