Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplain in February

As we move into February the second month of the year, what are we thinking? Have we been looking at ‘where we are in life’ or ‘where we would like to be’. Have we been carrying out those 1 January New Year resolutions? The diets, garage clearing, exercise, stop smoking, drinking?  Yes, sort of, or not even started with them yet?
God’s Nature waits for the ‘right’ time to grow and start to move forward, not just moving because it is the first of whatever date in the calendar!
As I have been suggesting before, maybe like in nature, we should just hold back, like the seeds below ground in the dark that have been starting to develop, being nurtured into life, before they finally push through the soil into the spring sunshine and a revitalised new life.
It has also been during this time of darkness for you, one of planning, of new ideas, playing with them, adjusting before you dream them into existence which should then be actioned at the right time. God’s nature knows when that time is and with more experience than us, let’s follow her.
Forgetting 1 January, during February let’s listen to nature and see what is coming out and breathing new life into this amazing planet God has made us a part of. Many buds are appearing, catkins, daffodils are pushing through, snowdrops, crocus, iris are also surfacing to create new life and colour. So maybe now it really is the proper time to take on those tasks and challenges, totally in line with nature and that new and fresh outlook on life and all the opportunities God gives!
5 February 1828 GMT brings us the ‘Snow Moon’ which is a Micro Full Moon so called because of its furthest distance away from earth. The New Moon on 20 February at 0705 GMT is a Super New Moon, meaning it is at a very close distance to the earth.

February’s Pilgrimage Walk

Saturday 11 February at 10am and Tuesday 21 February at 10am, starting from Lydeard Hill car park on the Quantocks! A walk of 3.5 miles taking 2.5 to 3 hours
To contact and let me know your chosen day, or if you have any questions email, mobile   07557 958013 or phone 01823 400232
Remember, a good and happy feeling is only a good walk away!
Steven Wort