Helene Stainer

From the Vicarage at Easter

Easter is always my favourite time of year, Spring is on its way, new lambs, birds singing, blossom trees and wonderful Spring flowers, longer days, more sunshine…and the church calendar retells the story of the end of Jesus’ ministry and life; so many memorable moments, and the culmination of that earthly ministry when the new life of Jesus forms a new chapter when, on Easter Sunday, we remember the resurrection and Jesus’ first appearance to friends and followers.

Take a moment to stop and wonder, maybe visit the Easter gardens outside or inside our churches, admire the amazing flower arrangements, look at the flowers and blossom and breath in the scent and sounds of Spring.

This is a time of new life, Jesus’ new life, nature’s new life, and a new day for every single one of us every day, I take a deep breath and give thanks to God every morning, try it yourself and feel renewed.

Happy Easter