Milverton, Somerset

Litter appeal

LitterIt took less than two hours for my wife and I to collect this litter on a recent walk around Milverton. There are more than 50 cans, 5 glass bottles and over 60 pieces of plastic all of which are being recycled. They say “rubbish gathers rubbish” but sometimes within an hour or two of cleaning a lane we find new litter.

On one lane there is a regular amount of Budweiser cans and cider bottles. Bizarrely, we recently picked up two unopened Budweiser cans (gratefully recycled).

The habitual litter louts are not going to change any time soon so we need your help. Why not carry a bag when you go for a walk and just pick an item or two to help?

Editor’s note: Don’t forget the village litter pick starts at 10am on Saturday 25 March at the Victoria Rooms to collect your letter picker, gloves and bag. Cake and refreshments on return.

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