Milverton, Somerset

Parish Council March summary

  • The planning applications for works at Weekmoor (barn conversions) and Pithayne and 50 Creedwell Orchard (extensions) were supported
  • It had been confirmed that the delegated power to the Parish Council to actually make the decision on certain planning applications would no longer continue from 1 April under the Unitary Authority. The Parish Council felt this was not in line with the aim of local decision-making under the new body and it will be writing the Authority expressing its objection to the decision
  • A grant of £250 was made to Wivey Cares, who provide care and support for local residents
  • The new Somerset Unitary Authority will formally take effect from 1 April. The new forums, each representing approx 18 parishes, known as Local Community Networks are expected to meet at least six times a year but the role evolving over time
  • Finalisation of the toilets to enable re-opening has been frustratingly slow (and outside of the PC’s control). Progress has however been made and at the time of writing, although this is the same message as previously shown to be incorrect, the hope is that the toilets will re-open within the next month
  • A meeting had been held with SCC Highways, covering a number of works to aid road safety, which should be happening later this year. The PC is dependent on SCC fitting these in with constrained budgets but they will continue to be pressed to deal with them as soon as possible

Full minutes will be posted on the Parish Council website

The next meeting will be held on Monday 3 April at the Victoria Rooms.

If you have any queries on any Parish Council matter, please let me know.

Tim Payne Clerk to the Council
Phone 01823 432959 or email

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