Milverton, Somerset

From the Vicarage in May

In amongst all the bank holidays and all the Coronation celebrations our churches face their Annual Parochial Church Meetings..

We are planning special events for the Coronation, as well as village street parties we are holding a special service at Halse at 11.15am on Sunday 7 May to celebrate the Coronation and Milverton at 3pm, has InEcclesia singing to celebrate the Coronation.

May is also the month when rural parishes celebrate Rogation, each parish has a special service to bless the fields, crops, farms and communities. Milverton’s celebrations will take place at Wilscombe Woods, towards Bathealton Cross, where you are invited to wander amongst the bluebells using all your senses and enjoy the woods and then gather for a rogation service, tea, cakes, etc. with our thanks to Richard and Diana Smith.

But this May also sees us facing the annual meetings of our churches. The church in your community is ‘your’ church; no matter what your creed, faith, beliefs or lifestyles are….the parish church is for everybody in our community, when you need it; for sad and happy family events, a building that offers sanctuary and peace and congregations who try to do good in all sorts of ways in our villages.

The concept that your local church is full of people, able to care for the building on your behalf, be present at every social occasion, tidy the churchyard, raise the funds to keep going and maintain a church presence in our villages is a misconception.

All of our church communities are struggling, we are “getting older”, we are spread very thinly and despite the rumour that the church is rich, it is not, we are all using our savings and they are running out fast.

But this is not an appeal for money, this is an appeal for help, we need new people to step forward to represent the church; wardens, treasurers, finance committees, odd jobbers, pastoral visitors, secretaries, cleaners, gardeners, bellringers, flower arrangers, brass polishers, leaders for services, outreach volunteers, people to help reach out to the schools, singers, musicians, muscled people to help set up for events (and take down later). Some of these roles are specifically congregational responsibilities, others can be part of working parties and teams.

Just like schools, GP surgeries, banks, etc. we face great changes and we need you to help us where and when and however you can.

We try to live by Jesus’ teaching to love one another, as do many faiths and social structures. Sometimes we have to seek love from others and accept that as well as giving all that we can.

Annual Parochial Meetings, to which any person in the parish may come….Are…

  • Milverton 18 May, 6.30pm in St Michael’s Church
  • Fitzhead 23 May 6.30pm in St James’ Church
  • Halse 9 May 6.30pm at The New Inn