Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplain in May

We are now at the beginning of the ‘Merry Month’ of May!
This is the time of the Celtic Festival of Beltane and with it, the arrival of happiness, joy and the pure pleasure of life as the earth’s energies are at their most active now. All is warming up nicely with flowers and crops growing beautifully. May, with the Springtime, the resurgence of growth around us and with the warmth on our faces, makes it one of the best and happiest times of the years season’s.
This is the month when the flower shows and village fetes often complete with the Morris Dancers, abound throughout the land. The Maypoles on the village greens are at the centre of many celebrations. The May Queen takes pride of place at carnivals and shows.
The Full Moon for May is on the 5 May at 18.34hrs and is called the Flower Moon. The name coming from when  nature is at one of its most flourishing times and the flowers are in great abundance. In Celtic times it was also known as the Milk Moon as three milkings a day were made, again due to the abundance of grass and growth for the cattle. The New Moon appears on the 19 May at 16.53hrs and is called the New Strawberry Moon.
In this month we have Rogantide. In Latin ‘rogare’ meaning ‘to ask’. Originally a Pre-Christian festival, it was asking God or the Gods for a blessing on the crops planted a few weeks earlier. It precedes Ascension Day, which is on the 18 May when Jesus ascends to heaven.
The Spiritual Walk will see us on Lydeard Hill again, up on the Quantocks as we were in February. It was rather a misty time then with very limited views, but in May with better weather, I am hopeful that we may all get to see the fantastic sights and scenery that this amazing walk has to offer!
Do come along and join in! The walks are open to anybody! All are welcome!
Whether you are just looking for a nice walk, or fancy meeting new friends, maybe you enjoy others company, you might want to bring the dog for a walk or might even be feeling a little sad or lonely.
We chat and discuss a wide range of topics. Spiritual Learning of and about yourself, nature, ecology, poems, prose, we include a silent walk, prayers, readings and how we connect with God in the natural environment. We discuss Celtic theology and how it connects us to our ancestors, plus many other subjects!

May spiritual walks

May’s spiritual walk is on Tuesday 16 May at 10am starting from Lydeard Hill car park TA4 3DY. A walk of 3.5 miles taking about 2.5 hours.

Do let me know you will be coming along, or if you have any questions, please email mobile 07557 958013 or phone 01823 400232
Remember, a happy and friendly feeling is only a good walk away!                
Steven Wort