Milverton, Somerset

Milverton United Charities food bank donations

The Trustees of the Milverton United Charities would like to thank all the people of Milverton who donated their Milverton United Charities Christmas vouchers to the Food Bank and also Emma and Russell Jenkins of the Milverton Stores who made it possible. Thanks to their generosity, over £1000 worth of food and other essentials was transported by Milns Priscott and Arthur Whittle to the Food Bank in Taunton

The Trustees would also like to thank all the distributors of the Christmas vouchers whose help is greatly appreciated.

Wivey Link

If there are any Milverton residents (who have lived in the village for more than five years and who use the Wivey Link) who need vouchers for this wonderful enterprise please contact Jean Ainsworth-Smith at Knutsford Cottage in North Street.

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
Clerk to the Trustees, Milverton United Charities