Things are changing at The Globe

After 17 years in the village, Mark and Adele have decided that it is time for them to move on but they are keen to secure the future of The Globe as a village pub. One option they are considering is to offer it to the village as a community buy-out, along similar lines adopted for the New Inn, Halse.

Mark and Adele have asked us about the possibility of The Globe being owned by the community and we have agreed to establish if there is support for this. We are therefore asking anyone who is interested in actively supporting this proposal and/or helping to provide the necessary financial support, to complete a short questionnaire. The closing date is 30 June 2023. It is important that this provides an accurate picture so reliable and considered responses to the survey are critical please.

Following the survey, we will meet with all interested parties to see if a decision can be taken on whether to pursue the community owned option. If there is not enough interest, the business will go on the open market, which could result in Milverton having a pub with a less certain future. In the meantime, Mark and Adele will continue to run the pub until a buyer is found.

Bev Blackmore, Rod Burton, Trevor Phelps, Gary Whittaker and Gwil Wren.