Milverton, Somerset

AmDram in June

Well, that’s it for another MADS show, As the character of Nigel says, “La commedia e finita.” The dressing room is empty, the chairs are away, the set and stage are cleared. All of us in MADS would like to say a huge thank you to all our supporters who put up a poster, shared some flyers and came along to see our production of A Bunch of Amateurs. We have enjoyed rehearsing this play, but what brings it to life is playing in front of such appreciative audiences. As the character of Dorothy says, “You are the most important people in any theatre,” and this was never more true. Over the past year we’ve seen the group grow, both in membership and audience support which is wonderful news.

One of the best things about belonging to this group is the sense of community. We were very proud to be involved in the Street Fair where we ran a free dressing-up tent for the youngsters who enjoyed the magic and creativity of costumes. Highlights included ninja princesses and sword-wielding dinosaurs. We were even able to help a few adults with costumes for fancy-dress parties and were glad to oblige.

Rehearsals for our next panto will start in September, but we have a few things in the pipeline for over the summer, especially for our younger members. If you are thinking of getting involved, there’s never been a better time. The best way to stay up-to-date is to make sure you go on our mailing list for the newsletter ( or check out our website (
Looking forward to seeing you all very soon!