Obstructions on Milverton bus route

Wood Street and North Street

There have been several instances recently when the bus service through the village has been disrupted or cancelled due to vehicles being parked on Wood Street and North Street, such that insufficient room is left for the bus to pass through. This has resulted in, amongst other things, students being unable to get to College in Taunton or being left in Wiveliscombe for parents to pick up.

Whilst discussions are ongoing with Somerset Council and the bus company about the service, Milverton Parish Council considers the bus service to be very important to the life of the village and would be grateful if those who park on Wood Street and North Street could leave sufficient room for the bus to pass. This includes those having works done on their property who are also respectfully asked to ensure that any associated construction vehicles do not obstruct the highway.

If the situation does not improve, further measures may be considered necessary as there is a significant concern that the service will otherwise be withdrawn permanently.

Milverton Parish Council