Milverton, Somerset

Milverton Local History Group September update

The Local History Group hope to meet up at the Victoria Rooms on 14 September at 2pm. A selection from the oral history section of the Archives will be shown. All welcome so please come along, there is a small entry fee.

One current theme which runs through the clips is just how well served the village was for shops and trades providing the everyday needs for the village. Even now, our last pub is under threat of closure, how times do change!

But we are lucky to still have one shop and a Post Office. Some things never change though, parked cars and traffic have been a problem since the ’50’s. Even the flooding is not new, with one resident in Sand Street remembering sweeping water through her house from the back door to the front road in the ’60’s. David Dowling is still creating these memories on video, so please get in touch if you too have memories of Milverton to share.

The church display features a celebration of the 90 years of the W.I. in Milverton.

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