Milverton, Somerset

Christmas vouchers 2023

There are charities in the village, some of which were set up hundreds of years ago, to help needy parishioners, particularly in the winter months. There is an invoice in the records for 1923 for 9 shawls supplied to the Milverton Charity by Hatcher & Sons Ltd., Taunton (Silk Mercers, Linen Importers, General House Furnishers, Millinery and Mantles – and Funerals Furnished) for the sum of £9-2-4d.

Since then the Welfare State has come into being and, although there is still need, it is mostly met from State Funds. The Trustees decided some years ago that vouchers, to be spent in the Milverton Stores, should be given at Christmas to parishioners of Milverton (and Preston Bowyer). The vouchers are available for anyone who is 65 and over who has lived in the parish for at least five years.

Anyone who is eligible should apply to Jean Ainsworth-Smith at Knutsford Cottage in North Street by Friday 24 November. There is no need for anyone already on the list to apply again, but please let us know if there has been a change (perhaps a partner has died or is now eligible).

Jean Ainsworth-Smith
Clerk to the Trustees, Milverton United Charities