Milverton, Somerset
Steven Wort Hedgerow Chaplain

Hedgerow Chaplain in November

Welcome to November.

The clocks have gone back, the darkness arrives earlier in the afternoon and the feel of winter is in the air. However, before we get there this is the month full of the glories of Autumn with the amazing displays of the golds, yellows, browns and oranges as the trees let go of their leaves in readiness of their slumber through the winter. Enjoy spending time in nature learning, observing and feeling your way through into this darker month and those ahead.
The natural world can teach us so much about letting go and preparing for that time of nurture, slowing down and looking after ourselves more.

Remembrance Day on the 11 November with the two minute silence at 11am commemorates the end of fighting in the First World War in 1918.

With the many wars and battles since 1918, the memory and thanks for all those brave souls either lost, still surviving, healthy or wounded are remembered with the greatest of respect and dignity. The Red Poppies worn over this period are symbolic of the blood shed on the fields of Flanders and the sacrifice by those who lost their lives.

“And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore, But they shall sit everyone under the vine, and under the tree and none shall make them afraid.” Micah 4 :3-4

May we all pray for fruition of such a vision!

How about a little exercise for you in these light darkening, quiet and changing days heading our way.

  • Stop
  • Be Still and Wonder. Wonder at what nature you don’t yet know about this place
  • Listen. What does peace sound like within nature
  • Imagine. Watch for where your curiosity takes you
  • Be Still. Be curious. Be part of it and Learn

Your Spirituality is awake and ready for you and the new beginnings of the changing season.

The New Moon for November is on the 13 November at 0927. Don’t forget that it is the time for forward thinking, new beginnings and planning. The Full Moon on the 27 November at 0916 and is called the Beaver Moon. The Full Moon is a time for celebration, time to embrace change and to expect emotional peaks.

The Spiritual Walk for November will be on the 21 November starting at 10am from Lydeard Hill car park. The walk will be 3.5 miles and take around 3 hours. To book a place please email me on, mobile on 07557 958013 or phone 01823 400232.

Steven Wort