Milverton, Somerset

Milverton and District Archive November update

Apologies that the walk about Milverton suggested for October did not happen.

But instead, I hope to show a walk by Clive Perry some years ago. He remembers Milverton back in the 1960’s and I hope to show the recording in November. Look out for the posters!

The actual walk about in Milverton will happen in the spring time 2024.

I have been revisiting my research on the Angel Inn known to be in North Street in the 18th to 19th Century. Also, in North Street was the New Inn possibly the cottage next to St Mildred’s. I will give my conclusions next month.

The Kings Head was in Wood Street operated by Thomas King who was a blacksmith so his customers could take a beer whilst they waited for their horses to be shod!

This is an exciting time and we hope to be able to share some good news about sharing the Archives with you all very soon. The Milverton History Group FaceBook page has been very active recently with new members posting some great photos. Please ask to join us if you use Facebook, it is a private group for those interested in our village.

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