Milverton, Somerset

Christmas Advent windows 2023

Throughout the month of December a new window will light up at dusk every day until Christmas Eve.

The final window will light up at Houndsmoor Farm after carols in the cowshed.

This year a little mouse can be found hiding in every window. This map will help you find them.

Many thanks to all who are participating to help make Christmas 2023 special for us all. The windows will be lit up until New Year’s Eve.

Happy mouse hunting!

We upload a photo of each window and display it for all to enjoy. Take a look at advent windows 2023.

Advent windows map 2023

Christmas advent windows 2023 map
  1. North Street
  2. Turnpike
  3. Sand Street
  4. Sand Street
  5. Fore Street
  6. Houndsmoor
  7. Fore Street
  8. Fore Street
  9. North Street
  10. Creedwell Orchard
  11. Fore Street
  12. Wood Street
  13. Sand Street
  14. Sand Street
  15. North Street
  16. Colesmore
  17. High Street
  18. North Street
  19. Houndsmoor
  20. Fore Street
  21. North Street
  22. Fore Street
  23. Parsonage Lane
  24. Houndsmoor Farm

Previous advent windows

We take photos of each advent window and upload them for you to view. 

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