Milverton, Somerset

Take the bus

We do appreciate that promoting the need to take a bus journey to and from Milverton is challenging – particularly as we have now heard that the road works further down Wood Street (B3187) will most likely continue into March 2024, preventing the service running through the village for the duration.

Note: The bus is currently stopping prior to the roundabout on the B3227 – there is currently signage on the Taunton bound side stating ‘Both Directions’ and also temporary signage on the opposite Wiveliscombe/Dulverton bound side. Please consider wearing bright/high viz clothing, and carry a torch when walking to and from these stops in the winter months.

On top of this, the 25 service remains under threat. First Bus have declared that evidence of an extra 600 return journeys per week is needed throughout the whole route (Taunton-Milverton-Wiveliscombe-Dulverton) by the end of March 2024 to save the 25 from cutbacks. Therefore, for those of us who can, please consider taking the bus…..

We need more of us to take a bus!

Even if it is just once a week, and instead of a usual car journey, please consider supporting the 25 Service. One way fares are now further capped for ‘Less than a Latte’ at £2 per journey until the end of 2024.

Communities need buses – but buses need passengers. Please make that effort to take a bus instead of the car.

All single fares within Somerset capped at £2 until December 2024.

Bus timetable