Milverton, Somerset

The Globe needs you

The GlobeYou will know that the Milverton Community Benefit Society (MCBS) has been formed. This is the vehicle that will purchase the Globe.

We are sending out a survey, to galvanise support, and to gain information from residents, so that we can plan the next steps for this exciting initiative, which we intend to publicise early in the New Year.

If you have not received a survey, please email or phone 07980 955540

Please complete the survey, whatever your views. We would like the survey returned by 14 December 2023.


  1. you need to correct the link for survey.

    Although the text has the – if you click on the link it goes mailto milvertoncommunitypub@ (without the dot between community and Pub). You have corrected the text but not the html code of the url link.

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