Milverton, Somerset

Hedgerow Chaplain in December

“What came into existence was Life, and the Life was Light to live by. The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness; the darkness couldn’t be put out.” John 1.

Darkness is the pathway to the sun’s rise, the start of all things new.

It is a wonderful time of year, a time of hope and new life emerging from the darkness. There is that sense of beneath the ground the roots are growing, buds are forming, shoots from bulbs will appear. Some things have died so that new life can emerge and be re-born.It is the circle of life that we are all part of. We look back over the past year while we await the welcoming of our hopes and dreams for the new year.

We might realise and accept those things that went wrong or not according to our desires or wants. Did we carry out those actions, words with love, caring how we would like to receive them.

We can put whatever happened behind us because we cannot change it, but we can look forward and plan how we are going to be through this coming year.

Although now, like the roots and buds still in darkness, they will appear, to encourage us to move onwards, upwards and approach life with new vigour, delight and happiness.

We can prepare ourselves to be the best we can be in all circumstances, we can be a light out of the darkness, give generously of love and caring, speak as we would like to be spoken to. Help when we can, be grateful for what we have and have compassion for ourselves and those around us.

Look at your own spirituality and expand your knowledge. Learn to see differently, be awake, alert and present. Learn the knowledge of the seasons, the moon, what the trees have to offer, all lessons that have been passed down the ages through the Celtic deities. It all makes you a greater part of the whole.

  • The New Moon is on 12 December at 2332
  • The last Full Moon of the year on 27 December at 0033 is called the Cold Moon. The Celts named it as the Full Cold Moon or Oak Moon
  • Winter Equinox is on 21 December when the day is at its shortest and the night is at its longest. After this date the days start to get lighter longer!

The best nights to observe the Germind Meteor Shower in December are the 14 December and 15 December between 1700 and 0800, always a favourite to watch as up to 150 meteors per hour maybe seen.

There will not be a spiritual alk in December, but details of the January walk will be available soon. 

For further details email me at or call on 07557 958013.

God Bless you all, have a Wonderful Christmas.

I look forward to seeing you all on the Hedgerow Chaplains Spiritual Walks in 2024.

Steven Wort