Milverton Diary

Milverton Diary was set up originally to enable the various calendars associated with the Milverton and Fitzhead Parish Magazine to be printed in the magazine. Things have come a long way since then with the magazine becoming autonomous and called the Milverton and Fitzhead magazine. Plus it manages its own budget.

We have for some time linked to various calendars of organisations in the village. By enabling this link organisations have their events shown on our site immediately allowing them to edit or cancel the event as the need arises, plus it is published in a reduced form in the magazine.

We have recently upgraded the Milverton Diary to allow diary entries to be placed in the calendar by completing a form. This is now working well after some initial teething problems. Something to do with Java script.

Of course there are other problems like human error and putting a personal entry into your organisation’s calendar. This is usually very easy to correct. We’ve had “cat sitting” for 3 days. But by far the best was an email from a new user asking if she really had to “take a urine sample to the doctor” on Monday. This was quickly changed when the contributor was made aware of their error. ……….!